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Jira App Beta

The Topcoder+Jira App allows you to send work directly from Atlassian Jira to our Talent Network. Evaluate the work you define in Jira using our AI tool, helping you write, refine and size your requirements. Our proven competitive model will ensure that our best talent provides solutions that meet or even exceed your standards.

Why Join
  1. Early access to a groundbreaking platform and an opportunity to get work started in minutes.
  2. The opportunity to shape the development of the platform through your feedback.
  3. Exclusive training and support on the new platform during the beta phase.
  4. Ongoing inclusion in an exclusive beta-testing group.

Join the Beta!

Is It Right For Me?
If you or your teams are actively using Jira for agile project management, you are the perfect candidate for our beta program.
Our Ask
Your honest feedback, insights, and suggestions. We are particularly interested in understanding how our platform can better serve teams like yours.